So who the hell am I?

Another crotchety, middle-aged (I’m being optimistic here) male.

I started my professional life as a dish washer, moved on to being a swabbie in the U.S. Navy, and then, half a dozen years later, ended up as an animation writer at Disney Feature Animation (as it was called then.)

I now spend my days as a union representative and organizer, which is a dying art form here in the 21st century.  With what small shreds of extra time I possess, I write in various formats, mainly for my own amusement.  I have no expectations or ultimate goals for this thing you’re reading.   If politics grabs me, I’ll write about that.  If literature or movies perks my interest, I will expound on that.

You reach a certain age, you become one of those gray-haired citizens standing on the edge of the lawn, yelling about the stupidities of the world.  I’m sure there will be a little of that in here as well.


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