Presidential Dislike

Or, as the phenomenon is known across the fruited plain, “Obama hate”.

It’s easy to see why it’s out there, what with the lousy shape the country is in.  Like for instance:

The strong November jobs number—a result of the 321,000 jobs employers added, which was well over the predicted 230,000 economists predicted—has inspired optimism among CNBC TV anchors. That’s because it pushed the employment rate down to 5.8 percent, making 2014 the strongest year for job growth since 1999.

One of my oldest friends, a life-long Republican who worked for Dick Nixon’s re-election committee back when T-Rexes roamed the earth, said to me:  “I don’t get it.  Fifty-even months of economic growth and a lot fewer soldiers getting killed and the stock market way up.  Shouldn’t this be ‘morning in America’?”

Uh, no.

Obama has the wrong skin color, and gets to be president in the time of frantic 24-hour news cycles where every national hiccup is a freaking crisis (remember when Ebola presaged the End of Days?) and every journalistic meme gets clung to no matter how fantasy-based it is:  “ISIS is going to kill us all!”

My trouble is, I keep looking at our hated President through the question handed me by a conservative college professor half a century ago …

Based on your results, how are you doing?

Based on results, Barack Obama is doing rather well, certainly better than any President in the last fifteen or sixteen years.  But please don’t confuse Mr. Obama’s political opponents with facts.  It’ll just tick them off.


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