Out of Hibernation

Re Turnip Blood Press:

I started this blog a few years ago with the intention of posting on it daily.  But this scheme quickly collapsed because

A) I was already blogging each and every day on “The Animation Guild Blog”.

B)  I had a day job that took up a lot of time.

C)  I’m a bit lazy.  And am not looking, at this point in my illustrious career, to pile work on top of  work on top of work.  (I’m strange that way.)

So this site languished, although it served a useful purpose in launching a short book entitled “Mouse in Transition” … and then I let the thing lie fallow.  But I’m now reactivating the pup, with the intent of devoting it to Topical Political Idiocies, Historical Factoids, and Investing, since those are the topics that interest me.

They don’t interest you?  Then feel free to get your internet jollies elsewhere.

Animation, which has been my professional bag for awhile now, will get short shrift here, so for a heavy dose of Cartoonland, you will have to go to the Brew or Animation Scoop or (God help us) The Animation Guild blog.  Or any number of fine animation sites that float out there in the ether and deal with the industry.

We’ll see how this project goes.  Blogs are way yesterday, but I enjoy writing them, so I’ll flail away in the darkness, hoping for the best but happy to receive whatever I get.  Two years hence, I won’t have other distractions to slow me down, or give me excuses.



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